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When an unfortunate death occurs we are at a loss about our immediate actions. The shock of death of a loved one makes us immobile…unthinking.

Who to Call First?

Whether one receives an early morning phone call with news of an unexpected death or sharing loved one's final moments of a long illness, our initial reaction to this news would be that of an utter shock. It is immaterial how prepared we are (or are not), the news of death leaves us numb and bewildered. If one is responsible for making the funeral arrangements, shock and sorrow can leave us immobile. Even simple decisions can be devastating.

The Himalayan Task of Making the first phone call!

What to do first? It depends on the circumstances of the death. When someone dies in a hospital or old age home, the staff will usually take care of some arrangements, such as contacting either the nearest relations or the chosen Samshan Ghat / funeral home, and if necessary, arranging an autopsy / post mortem. There is an immediate need to notify family, friends and the pundit. It may be easier to make a few phone calls to other relatives or friends and ask each of them to make a phone call or two to specific people, so the burden of spreading the news does not fall solely on one person. If one is alone, ask someone to keep company while the phone calls are made and try to cope with the first hours after the death.

Calling Last Rites:

Whatever may be the circumstances of death, one of the first calls should be to a professional funeral organization – Last Rites. We are here to help - 24*7: to transport the body; to help obtain a death certificate; making arrangement with the samshan ghat and for pundit; arranging the funeral, memorial and/or burial service; to select a casket; urn and/or grave; prepare the obituary; help to notify the deceased's employer, lawyer, insurance company and banks. Further, should you need the last rites volunteer will be by your side to offer grief support. For immediate booking or more details either call or write to us.

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