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Last Rites (India) Services Private Limited is formed to provide funeral and other related services in an organized and transparent way, relieving the grieving family members from last minute hassles. Some of the services provided by the company are - burial, cremation, memorials, freezer boxes, coffins, hearse vans, head stones, flowers, food, priest, press, ticketing, construction of graves, arranging death certificate, execution of will, settlement of bank and insurance related activities to the customers etc.

The declaration of Independence of America (1776) unequivocally assures that pursuit of happiness is an inalienable right of every human being. The preamble of Indian constitution which was given to ourselves on 26th day of November 1949 state that every individual in India is assured of the dignity. (Assuring the dignity of the Individual). The lofty principles of Common Law assure that every human being has a right to a decent burial. The acute shortage of funeral homes, lack of funeral education appears to have not only degraded the dignity of the individual in death but also resulted in pursuit of sadness. Hence, Last Rites (India) Services Private Limited is established to bring about much needed positive change.

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