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Code of Ethics

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As a funeral services company, our unique role imposes special and demanding responsibilities to those we serve and to the society. One such important obligation is to provide information to enable everyone make informed decisions about our services. In accepting our responsibilities positively, we affirm the following standards of good practice and hereby pledge:

  • To provide the public with complete information about funeral and cremation services, including prices, functions and the responsibilities of the people involved in our organization.
  • To make funeral services available in wide a range of price categories to meet the needs of all segments of our community to enable everyone to inspect prices and freely consider them all.
  • To quote in writing the price for every service offered, and to clearly identify the services, facilities, equipment and merchandise in our quotations.
  • To ensure that our contracts fully disclose those items which are included and those which are excluded, in those terms that are clear and easy to understand to the customers.
  • To furnish each family, at the time arrangements are made, with a written memorandum of charges and to make no additional charge for any additional service without their approval.
  • To adhere to the highest standard of conduct and honesty in all aspects of business dealings.
  • To offer an ongoing opportunity to all persons to discuss or arrange funerals in advance.
  • To manage prepaid funds responsibly, ensuring that promises are honoured and expectations are met, in letter and spirit & in good faith.
  • To make no written or oral representation which may be false or misleading.
  • To respect all faiths, creeds, customs and religions while giving full effect to the role of the priest/clergy/celebrant.
  • To maintain qualified and competent staff, appropriate facilities and suitable equipment required for comprehensive funeral and cremation services.
  • To assure those we serve the right of personal choice in making service arrangements.

We hereby pledge to conduct ourselves at all times in a manner deserving of the public trust, and to provide a copy of this Code of Ethics to the families we serve.

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